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Freight Forwarding 2.0 – Sea Freight

FreightHub revolutionizes sea freight by digitizing processes, providing real-time insights and delivering transparency to it’s customers.

FreightHub is a full service freight forwarder, offering international shipping of FCL and LCL shipments. Driven by technology and supported by a team of experienced logistic specialists.


All FCL and LCL shipments,

One Dashboard

Managing sea freight all around the world can be very complex. It’s not only about finding the best offers and logistic partners, but also staying updated and in control of all your FCL and LCL shipments has never been easy.

With FreightHub you have access to a fully digital interface for all your shipments.  With our Dashboard you get a transparent overview about all of them. Shipping container has never been that easy. As a full service freight forwarder we will bring sea freight to the 21th century.


Digital Container Tracking

Manage all your shipments with just one digital tool. Use our Cargo Tracking to always stay updated about the current position of your sea freight. FreightHub provides you with a fast and transparent overview of your current freight as well as structurally listing past and futures shipments.

FreightHub does not only offer you digitalized container tracking, further you will be able to manage all relevant freight documents in one place.  We want to make global logistics as easy and convenient as possible for our customers.

Transparent Shipping Costs

With FreightHub you will get instant quotes from various shipping companies, choose the one you prefer depending on duration, price and carrier. Easily book online the offer which fulfills your requirements.

Stop waiting for quotes and non-comparable prices, with our matrix view you can compare them all at the same time in just one place. Shipping costs have never been that transparent, regardless of that, our logistic experts will always help you with the process if needed.

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