Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find information about shipping & logistics, customs, our software, our services, and many other topics

1. How is the platform structured?

Step 1: Quote request Step 2: Quotation Step 3: Booking Step 4: Administration of the shipment

2. How much will it cost us to use the FreightHub service?

Both the registration and use of our platform are free of charge. The rates for your shipment will be generated immediately, 24 hours a day. This allows you to instantly view the costs of your shipment. FreightHub will display all your costs in a transparent way, enabling you to know how they incur. By choosing […]

3. How secure is my customer data with FreightHub?

Your data will be transferred to and stored by FreightHub in encrypted form only. This means that we actively protect your data from unauthorized access, information leakage and theft.

4. How can I enter the amount, size and weight of my cargo?

In the “Cargo Details” section, first enter the number of boxes. Add the length, width, height and weight of each box. Our platform will automatically calculate both total volume and weight for you. In case you will be splitting your cargo in order to ship it to several destinations or a box has a different […]