Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions you might have about our product and services

About FreightHub

How secure are my customer data with FreightHub?

Your data will only be transferred to and stored by FreightHub in encrypted form. Thus, we are protecting your data actively against unauthorised access, information leaks and theft.

Will my customer data be passed on to third parties?

We will handle your data with cautions. Your data will be made accessible and shared with relevant partners (shipping companies, freight forwarders, etc.) making it possible to them to conclude your shipment. Moreover, we are sharing your data only on a need to know basis; your data will be kept confidential and not shared with third parties.

How can I reach FreightHub in an emergency?

You can easily reach FreightHub either through the chat function on our website, write us a mail to or contact us directly through phone by calling +49/30 364 285 070. We will do our best to reply and answer your requests as soon and best as possible.

Will we have a direct handler at FreightHub for our questions and requests concerning our shipment? Can I reach FreightHub always during business days?

By shipping with FreightHub, you will receive a personal handler from our sales department for your booking. He will guide you through your booking process and answer questions before the shipping preparations are starting. Following the booking with FreightHub, a specialist of our operations team will be personally responsible for your shipment. He will accompany you on the journey of your shipment and assist you. Your handlers will be at your disposal during business hours from Monday through Friday, except holidays.

How is the platform structured?

Step 1: Quote request

Step 2: Quotation

Step 3: Booking

Step 4: Administration of the shipment

How much does the service of FreightHub cost?

The registration and use of our platform are both free of charge. The rates for your shipment will be generated immediately, 24 hours a day. That allows you to see the costs of your shipment instantly. FreightHub will display all costs transparently enabling you to know how costs will incur. By choosing the service of FreightHub, you will experience that our prices are highly competitive to other firms while providing you with absolute transparency.

Which transportation alternatives does FreightHub offer?

FreightHub offers to ship goods through the sea, air, rail as well as the combination of sea and air trade modes. Currently, you can book full container load (FCL) & less than container load (LCL) shipments with FreightHub.

In which countries/cities/ports does FreightHub import and export?

The trade lane Asia – Europe is FreightHubs priority lane. But we also offer exports from Europe to Amazon USA (click here for more information) now. For im- and exports in other countries/cities/ports we kindly ask you to reach out to our customer service. Following your request, we will provide you with the corresponding quotations.

What is the difference between FreightHub and traditional freight forwarders?

As a forwarding company with a digital solution we can offer instant quotes and container tracking as well as document management for your shipment.

Our core strengths are:

  • Placing a booking as easy as a flight
  • Transparency (complete overview of all cost, information on exact status of shipment)
  • Personal customer care from 8:00am till 8:00pm (two contact persons: logistics manager and one sales representative)
  • Online Administration of all bookings (documents stored at one place)

Why should I rely on FreightHub?

Freight Hub offers you the unique service to register shipments online and enables you with absolute price transparency to monitor your shipments from the first moment onwards. Quotations are generated directly online and provide you with a set of options to choose from according to your specific needs (fastest route / cheapest price / most reliable carrier). After submitting your shipment request, your handler will take care of your wishes and handle your cargo.


How to book through

Why is FreightHub not immediately generating a quota for my shipment?

To provide you with an uncomplicated service FreightHub will not produce instant quotations under the following conditions:

  • If your cargo is considered as Dangerous or hazardous goods and requires, for example, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
  • If the weight to volume ratio is relatively high.
  • If your request is an EXW shipping order.
  • If you are requesting a FOB shipping which has an arrival airport or harbour which FreightHub is not commonly serving.

How to enter the amount, size and weight of my cargo?

Under the “Cargo Details” section enter first the number of boxes. Add the length, width, height and weight of each box. Our platform will calculate for you the total volume as well as weight automatically. In the case, you are splitting your cargo to several destinations or, a box has a different size or dimension please add additional rows by selecting the “Add More Cargo” button on the right side of the page below the “Cargo Detail” section.


How can I split an order? For example, sending my goods partially to the Amazon and my store?

Step One: Add the address

Following the selection of the type of shipment and mode of transportation, please fill out the departure and arrival address in the “Route” row. As you will be sending your goods to more than one destination chose one of those locations your goods shall be shipped to as the point of destination.


Step Two: Split your goods according to the delivery address

In the section “Cargo Details” add the corresponding arrival detail like Amazon or warehouse under the column “Commodity”. Please note that in the case your cargo has different products you will need to generate multiple cargo segments. Please see the examples below.

screenshot-faq4 screenshot-faq3

Step Three: Enter the additional destination addresses

After you have selected the additional services you desire and started the search, a popup window. This window enables the manual quotation. Please enter in the section additional information first the incoterm and following the address. See the example below.


How do I generate an EX Works (EXW) request on

Step One: Generate a new quote request

To form a new quote, push the “request quote” button on the right side of the header.

Step Two: Fill out all necessary information

Chose the type of shipment you would like to carry. You have the option between full container load (FCL) or less than full container load (LCL).

Depending on the type of your shipment you can now choose the transport mode. To do so select one or multiple options in the “transport Mode” row. For FCL shipments you have sea and rail as means of transportation. For the LCL shipments, we are offering you sea, air, sea/air and rail as transport modes.

Following the selection of the type of shipment and mode of transportation, please fill out the departure and arrival address in the “Route” row.

Below the maps section, you will need to fill out some more details regarding your cargo, again depending on your load type you will have different pieces of information to fill out. In the case, you have different goods and commodities you can add those by selection “add more Cargo” on the right side below the “cargo detail” section.

In the case, you have selected the LCL option as shipment, please also let us know when your load will be ready and select under the “Cargo Ready Date” the corresponding time.

In the final step, you can choose additional services once again depending on the kind of the cargo (FCL/LCL). As such we are offering an Insurance for your shipment, that the customs clearance is done by Freight hub and in the case, you are an Amazon FBA customer we also do the packing and labelling for you. In the case, you would like to ship with Freight hub dangerous goods or cargo which requires special equipment, please also select the option accordingly.

Review now the page and start the search. A pop-up window will appear which leads you to the third step of your booking.


Step Three: Generate the request for EXW

In the pop-up window, please note that you would like to send your shipment as EXW under the section “additional preferences”. Also add once again the address if possible with the local characters like the Chinese characters in China.

Now select “Request Quote Now”, and within a few hours, you will receive a generated quota through email by us.

How do I generate a free on board (FOB) request on

Step One: Generate a new quote request

To form a new quote, push the “request quote” button on the right side of the header.

Step Two: Fill out all necessary information

Chose the type of shipment you would like to carry. You have the option between full container load (FCL) or less than full container load (LCL).

Depending on the type of your shipment you can now choose the transport mode. To do so select one or multiple options in the “Transport Mode” row. For FCL shipments you have sea and rail as means of transportation. For the LCL shipments, we are offering you sea, air, sea/air and rail as transport modes.

Following the selection of the type of shipment and mode of transportation, please fill out the departure and arrival address in the “Route” row.

For FOB request choose the airport or port in the departure address accordingly.


Below the maps section, you will need to fill out details regarding your cargo, again depending on your type of load you will have different pieces of information to fill out. In the case, you have different goods and commodities you can add those by selection “Add More Cargo” on the right side below the “cargo detail” section.

In the case, you have selected the LCL option as shipment; please let us know when your load will be ready and select under the “Cargo Ready Date” the corresponding time.

In the final step, you can choose additional services depending on the kind of the cargo (FCL/LCL) you want to ship. We are offering:

  • An additional insurance for your shipment.
  • Customs clearance service.
  • For Amazon FBA customer, we offer packing and labelling service.

In the case, you would like to ship with FreightHub dangerous goods or cargo which requires specialised equipment, please also select the option accordingly.

Review now the page and start the search. You will be directed to the next step where you can see the quotation.

Can FreightHub pick up the goods directly at the supplier’s site (ExWorks)?

Yes, we can do that. Request your quote on

What is the incoterm and how does it affect the handling of my shipment?

Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are several voluntary clauses to facilitate international trade. They are related to contractual sales practices and define where titles are transferred from seller to buyer and which fees are borne by which party (e.g. insurance, freight, customs duty, etc.). The most recent version includes eleven terms. More information is available at IHK-Berlin and the ICC.

Click here for more info.

What information does FreightHub require for processing my quote request and book a shipment?

To provide you with instant quotations we need the following:

  • Port of loading or pick up address
  • Port of destination or final delivery address
  • Cargo dimensions
  • Commodity type
  • Cargo ready date

Based on this information, FreightHub will provide you with quotations and allow you to pick the optimal route for your shipment.


General questions regarding the booking

Can we do customs for Swiss customers?

Unfortunately, we do not offer customs clearing for Switzerland.

Do I need to fulfil customs on my own?

No, you do not need to, if you wish FreightHub can do it for you. In the case, you would like to rely on our service the operations team would be happy to assist you and will request in time additional relevant information from you.

Can FreightHub start the shipping process without knowing all details about the supplier? Why does FreightHub require all these details about the supplier?

You can request and confirm a quote for a shipment without providing all details of the supplier. However, to start the shipping process, we need the full supplier details. That is required to coordinate the transportation and hand over of your freight in the place of origin. We will inform your supplier accordingly on the following steps to secure a smooth processing of your shipment.

Can I also ship food to you in Reefer containers?

As for now, we are focusing on goods that do not require special treatment. However, we are constantly developing and expanding our services.

Can I ship dangerous or hazardous goods with FreightHub?

Depending on the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), we can also ship dangerous and hazardous goods. Hence, when requesting a quote for dangerous goods, please provide us also with the MSDS.

Is FreightHub recommending an additional transportation insurance?

The basic insurance covers all shipped goods according to the terms of the ADSp (“Allgemeine Deutsche Spediteursbedingungen”). The pay-out amount in case of damage or loss will depend on the weight of the shipment.

– 8,33 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights) whenever the Freight Forwarder is care, custody and control Freight Forwarder (“Obhutsspediteur”) according to Section 461 (1) HGB.
– 2 SDR/kg whenever the Principal has agreed to a Freight Forwarding Contract which is subject to a variety of transport means and includes carriage of goods by sea
– 1,25 Million EUR or 2 SDR/kg per Damage case or
– 2,5 Millionen EUR or 2 SDR/kg per Damage Event irrespective of how many claims arise from a single Damage Event.

If you wish to insure your shipment dependent on the value of the goods, we recommend adding an additional insurance. You can see how an extra insurance affects the total of your quotation by selecting the relevant category and specifying the insured value, which is the amount specified on the commercial invoice. More info here

Category A: Regular industrial and commercial goods without increased risk of breakage and theft.

Category B: Food and beverages, all kinds of clothing, leather goods, shoes.

Category C: Precision mechanical and optical products, electrical appliances of all kinds, insofar as they are not excluded from insurance cover, fragile goods, liquids of all sorts, as well as particularly theft-hurt goods.

Who is the contractual partner for any problems regarding the shipping? FreightHub or the shipping company?

FreightHub is your contractual partner and your contact for any questions and concerns. By relying on FreightHub, you can enjoy the pleasure to reduce the number of partners you stay in touch with to only one, making communications easier and less time consuming for you.

Can I choose the shipping company?

Yes! On the offer page, you can pick a shipping company of your desire.

Till when can I cancel a booking despite the final agreement?

In the case that the shipping has not begun we can cancel the booking for you without extra charges. Moreover, keep in mind that in some cases this process might take some time as we are working with partners from abroad.

When are import tax and capital provisioning charges due?

FreightHub forwards the import duties and taxes to you as soon as they occur. That can be before departure at the port of discharge if customs are cleared based on the paperwork alone, or right after customs clearance at the port of discharge.

Is the quote all-inclusive for any charges during the shipping process (i.e. customs, import sales tax and capital provisioning charges) or will there be additional costs?

Costs such as customs and import sales tax are to be determined by the respective governmental agency and hence are excluded from any price we quote in advance. Any costs that FreightHub must provide an advance concession for will be invoiced to you according to accruing costs.

Are the payment terms negotiable?

FreightHub may change the payment terms upon request and positive credit check. Nevertheless, we hope you understand that we are asking you to pre-pay on a regular basis. Please contact your personal sales representative.

Is the quote independent from the quantity of the boxes shipped or does it make a difference if the same volume is made up of more pieces?

The dimensions of each single package and the number of total packages make up the total price. We recommend entering the carton sizes of the outer cartons (Umkartons) and the weight of each single outer carton, instead of the total volume and weight.

Do I have to provide the gross or net weight/size?

In general, we distinguish between two kinds of weights and sizes:

  1. Net weight/size: only the goods itself
  2. Gross weight/size: goods plus packing material

For shipping purposes, it is important always to use the gross weight and size to derive the total volume or weight. The total amount will be used to obtain the respective transportation costs as it is based on the space your goods take up in a container/airplane etc.

Please always indicate the gross weight and gross dimensions of your goods through our platform.

For the customs procedure, we need to have the net weight to calculate the right amount of customs duties.

When does it make more sense to book full container load (FCL) instead of less than container load (LCL)?

FreightHub instantly provides you with all the necessary data to decide which option is better for your volume. Simply compare the cost of an FCL versus the expenses of an LCL shipment. It often makes sense to compare FCL to LCL rates for shipments with more than 15-17 m³ in volume. Note that FCL shipments usually arrive at the final destinations faster than LCL shipments as less handling occurs along the loading’s journey. Also, this will reduce the risk of damage for FCL in comparison to LCL cargo.


What are the minimum dimensions?

FreightHub focuses on commercial freight forwarding. Hence our minimum dimensions for the different modes are:

  • Sea: 1 m³
  • Air: 100 kg
  • Rail: 2 m³
  • Sea/Air: 100 kg or 1 m³.

It is possible to do shipments that don’t match those requirements but due to cost efficiency we don’t recommend that. Please also bear in mind that there are several costs that are fixed no matter the size of your shipment.

What is the maximum size of goods?

For less than container load (LCL) shipments, this is dependent on various factors, most importantly the transport mode. Our platform at will tell you if your cargo is too large or heavy for us to handle.

Bigger pieces of cargo can be shipped in a container. For dimensions and maximal weight, please have a look here:


What are HS Codes (”Zolltarifposition”) and where can I find them?

HS stands for „Harmonized System” which is an internationally unified system of names and numbers to classify different cargo. Every single product/good has an HS Code with which it can be identified globally. The customs authority uses those HS Codes mainly to calculate the different import duties and fees since every HS Code has implicit import duties. The HS Code usually has eight digits.

Please request the right HS Code at your respective customs authority. Due to legal reasons, we are not allowed to provide you with the appropriate HS code.

Under this link, you can look for any HS Codes about your klick here for more information:

Do I need to register for the “Handelsregister” (commercial register)?

For the fiscal customs clearance, we need an extract from the commercial register for the respective powers of attorney. In the case, you cannot provide us with the extract of the commercial register we will need your business license. For other customs procedures is these not necessarily.

Is it possible to start the shipping process without an assigned EROI-/VAT-ID?

The EORI number must be provided before the goods enter the European Union. It can be handed in during the course of the shipment.

The VAT is necessary to load the goods on the vessel and must be provided before any delivery can take place.

How long does the application for a new EORI or VAT identifier take?

The EORI number is usually assigned within two months after request. However, we can work with a preliminary number; this allows us to get things started. Therefore, please, forward the application papers to us.

Receiving the VAT ID, dependents on your tax and revenue office, and can take up to four weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot accept preliminary identifier here.

Do I need an EORI- and VAT-ID to ship with FreightHub? I am a small business, and my revenues are below the VAT exemption limit.

Yes. Every import must be reported to customs, and therefore is the EORI number compulsory. Also, all customers must provide their VAT-ID. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any VAT exemption limits.

What is the VAT-ID number?

The VAT-ID number is an unambiguous marking of a company within the European Union in the sense of a sales tax.

Any operator who participates in trade in goods and services between the Member States within the territory of the European Union is required to hold this ID.

You can get more information at the Federal Central Tax Office.

What is the EORI number?

EORI number stands for “Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number” and helps to identify individual economic operators within the European Union. Economic Operators are any natural or legal person (e.g. limited companies or public limited companies) or legally responsible bodies of persons (e.g. GbR, OHG, limited partnership). That means that everyone who imports into the EU or exports from the EU needs an EORI number. You can apply online and find more information about EORI at

When should I book? How much time should I calculate for processing of my shipment before the actual shipping can take place?

To avoid any delays during the transportation, we suggest booking your shipment well ahead of the cargo ready date. Especially during peak seasons, where capacity is on the low and prices are on the rise.

It is hard to generalise the timing, so let us look at the different modes:

  • FCL Sea: If you book the container shipment 14 days ahead of cargo ready date, we can get the cargo loaded on the vessel about seven days after cargo ready date. Find the timeline of an exemplary FCL shipment here.
  • LCL Sea: Due to the additional steps that come with a less-than-container shipment, namely the consolidation of multiple shipments into one container, the recommended time to book your shipment is 14 days before the cargo ready date. Find the timeline of an exemplary LCL shipment here.
  • AIR: For shipments that are transported via air plane, we recommend to book about ten days before the cargo ready date. This is the timeline of an exemplary AIR shipment.

While you get an instant quotation on most offerings, please bear in mind, that we generate manual quotes for some requests, which can take 24-48 hours. Add this time to your calculation when requesting a quotation that falls into these categories.



After the booking

In the unfortunate case that problems incur will FreightHub handle the communication with the shipping company/forwarding company/customs?

Yes! FreightHub is your contact in the entire process. We work with our partners to ensure that your cargo arrives safely and on time with you or your customers. We solve incurring issues with the shipping company, freight forwarder, customs and authorities mostly independent.

How long will it the delivery of my goods take after the ship has arrived?

Unless our system shows you a change of the delivery date, we are confident to keep the scheduled day.

For less than a container load (LCL) shipments, the final delivery happens about ten days after the ship arrived. This period accounts for the shipments being de-consolidated, customs cleared and the post-run.

For full container load (FCL) shipments, the final delivery happens a little quicker. We indicate three days and do our best to keep that.

Why does the Track & Trace function not work?

Our live track and trace function shows you where your freight is in the world. Sometimes, however, we need to wait for the carriers to release the tracking code to us. We are working hard to make the tracking of your cargo smoother. You can relax cool headed: in the freight business, no news is good news. Even if the track and trace function is not activated, but we gave you a notification that your goods are loaded, you can be assured that your shipment is underway.

How can I track my shipments?

Thanks to our Track & Trace technology, you can track the current position of your freight in real time on the world map. Just login into your FreightHub account and click on the “Track & Trace” button in the sidebar on the left side of the screen.

What’s a commodity inspection?

In a few cases, the responsible customs authorities decide to inspect shipments physically. That can happen due to suspicion or random checking’s. This process typically causes delays and creates extra costs which will be forwarded to the consignee.

In the case that the customs authorities find the shipment and the adjacent papers are in order, the shipment will be delivered as planned. If the shipment fails the inspection for duty, consequential steps will be communicated by the federal customs agency.

When are import tax and capital provisioning charges due?

FreightHub forwards the import duties and taxes to you as they occur. That can be before departure at the port of discharge if customs are cleared based on the paperwork alone, or right after customs clearance at the port of discharge.

What is a postponement account?

Import duties are to be paid immediately upon transfer of the goods to the European Union. Otherwise, the importation of the goods through customs will be delayed until the payment is received. A postponement account simplifies the administrative expenses for the importer, since the duties to be paid will be collected and billed monthly.

If you do not have a postponement account, we advise you to apply for one at the customs agency “Zoll”. In the meantime, FreightHub offers to process your import duties up to a certain amount through our postponement account.

For customs and EUST (import sales tax), we have a deferred payment account. Are customs costs billed with the complete invoice and calculated in one transaction?

We are flexible to your preference. Usually, we upload all invoices that belong to a shipment in the respective shipment account. That allows you to have all corresponding data to a shipment on our platform. The customs invoices are being issued individually by us.

How is the contact with the customs office managed? Do we have direct telephone/personal contact with the office for duty? Alternatively, is it all handled over the platform of FreightHub?

All documents can be uploaded to the platform of FreightHub by either you or us. Normally, you have nothing to do with the customs office, as we handle the communication for you.

If a ship does not leave, who will pay the incurring costs?

We hope you understand that FreightHub cannot accept the liability for the shipper’s decisions like delaying/cancelling the departure of/changing the route of the vessel. We have no influence over the carrier’s decisions. In the case of delays, we can offer you to track your shipment live online and provide you with an updated estimating a time of arrival of your shipment. Moreover, we are eager that your shipment will be on time and if necessarily offer your alternative options. We are only liable in case of gross negligence or intent.

I missed the cut-off date. Is this a problem and what can I do now?

It can happen that the supplier experiences a certain delay in production and misses the cut-off date. To avoid that, we recommend placing your booking well ahead and communicate with the supplier accordingly. If the cargo missed a cut-off date, we would reschedule the shipment on a later departure. In some cases, extra costs occur and must be borne by the party responsible for the delay.

Do you need the original B/L or is a Telex release sufficient?

We can deal with both. Usually, the Telex release is faster and easier to handle. However, there is an additional cost of about 70USD. The original B/L will be physically sent via express and is hence slower to arrive but cheaper.

What is a B/L or Bill of Lading?

The B/L is a paper that represents the actual goods shipped. The legitimate holder of the paper can, therefore, claim the goods from the carrier or can transfer his rights to a third party. It is issued by the carrier or its agent.

Does FreightHub communicate with the supplier to arrange the handover of the goods?

Once you booked a shipment, we only ask you to upload the necessary documents and provide us with the supplier’s contact details. FreightHub will take care of the communication with your supplier. After submitting the required documents (see required documents) you just wait for your shipment to arrive.

When do you contact my supplier?

Once you uploaded the necessary documents and supplier information, we will take all necessary steps to coordinate the smooth shipment of your freight. Usually, we get in touch with your supplier one to two days after you uploaded the information. We therefore kindly ask you to provide the supplier information as soon as possible.

Is it necessary to put the goods on pallets or in cartons? Can FreightHub handle goods that are not of regular (same) size?

FreightHub cannot provide packaging services. It is mandatory that all goods be packed properly. We advise that you emphasise the correct and safe packaging with your supplier. Palletizing though is not necessary for less than container load (LCL) shipments.

If your cartons obtain different measurements, FreightHub can still handle them. You can add various sets of cartons with same dimensions when requesting your quote.

We offer to provide palletizing & labelling if you have other parties (for example Amazon) demanding this. See more here.

Which information must be included on the shipping mark?

It is fundamental to note the address where the cartons shall be shipped to and who is the consignee (you). Moreover, you can add the weight and a consecutive number. In the case your goods a fragile you might also add this as additional information.

What do we mean with customs power of attorney?

The customs warrant is the power of attorney to assign an agent or representative with the application for duty. FreightHub requires you to provide us with a signed custom authorization to process the customs declaration for you when your goods enter the European Union. Once you booked for the first time with FreightHub, we will upload a template of the customs warrant to your documents section under your initial shipment. You can find the document under the “Shipping Instructions” section “Documents”.

To start the shipping process which documents is FreightHub requiring?

After booking, we need the following papers and data from you:

  • The Custom’s power of attorney (Zollvollmachtserklärung) which we ask you to fill out, sign and upload to the platform.
  • Please enter your EORI number and VAT-ID under shipping instructions on the platform.
  • German HS-Code and commodity description
  • If applicable the Amazon Labels/AVIS
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List

Most other documents that we need are provided to us by your supplier, the carrier or our customs agent, and we will upload them to the platform where you can then find them. That includes:

  • Bill of Lading
  • Customs Documents

Also, you will receive the following invoices from us; we kindly ask you to pay and – if your shipment is urgent – to provide us with a proof of payment (bank slip, screenshot, etc.):

The freight invoice includes customs clearance, insurance fee (if applicable), delivery charges and all other costs that are related to the shipment of your goods.


Following the shipping

To which bank account do I have to transfer the invoice regarding Customs and EUSt?

After a successful customs clearance, you will be issued a tax assessment. You can access this tax assessment through our platform under the section “Documents”. Within a few days, the by us issued invoice over customs and EUSt will be transmitted to you. On this bill, you will find the amount to be paid and the regarding bank account information.

How can it be that I get an invoice with additional charges after my shipment has been completed?

In the case that the original agreed condition of shipping your goods has been changed or modified in comparison to the initial booking, those additional charges will be forwarded to you.

Since these costs are often incurred weeks after a successful delivery, we cannot predict those in the original offer.

Examples of such changes are the modification of the Incoterms from FOB to EXW, changes of the delivery point, the belated division or a higher volume of the consignment.

What happens if my goods or packaging have been damaged through the shipping?

In such a case, please contact your personal logistics manager. He can initiate the necessary steps to obtain compensation for you. The amount of the compensation depends on whether an additional transport insurance was completed before or not. According to ADSp 2016, all consignments are automatically insured.


FBA specifics

Does FreightHub also has collaborations with online marketplaces like Amazon? For me as a FBA-seller it is important to have a smooth transport to the Amazon warehouse.

We have a cooperation with the Amazon warehouses. This means that the transport takes place directly to the warehouse, where it is repacked and made ready for dispatch. This saves many FBA-sellers sensitive time and costs.

Is it possible to deliver both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) to Amazon?

Currently we cannot deliver FCL Shipments to an Amazon Warehouse. Instead we can arrange storage at a 3PL warehouse which will send smaller LCL shipments to the Amazon warehouse as you sell your inventory.

Amazon has not yet assigned a final warehouse for my shipment. Can I already place my order with FreightHub?

Sure! Due to the runtime of sea freight, it is part of the usual process that the destination is not yet assigned. You can provide the missing information until the ship reaches its destination port. In this case, we suggest using the FBA warehouse at Amazonstraße 1, Pforzheim. This warehouse is the most far away from Hamburg port and therefore the costs displayed will be the maximum post-run costs. In case your delivery goes to a different warehouse, we will only charge you the actual post-run expenses.

Can I split the freight for two different final destinations within the same country (e.g. 50% to my own warehouse, 50% to the Amazon warehouse)?

Yes, FreightHub can split up the freight and deliver it partially to your home, your assigned Amazon warehouse or your storage.

Can FreightHub check the goods for me?

For our customers, we go the extra mile. We can arrange services to check your goods, however, this will be adding additional charges and is not included in the FreightHub FBA process by default.

What kind of documents do I need to provide to FreightHub for the Amazon warehouse?

During the shipment process, we will ask you to provide us with the respective Amazon labels for the cartons and pallets that are supposed to be delivered to the Amazon warehouse. Those labels can be found in your Amazon seller profile.

Also, we kindly ask you to fill out a delivery form which we need to arrange a delivery slot at the Amazon warehouse with your seller information.

Are you labelling the products? Amazon asked for specific labelling.

Yes, our FBA process includes labelling your freight according to Amazon standards. We only require you to upload the tag that was assigned to you by Amazon until your shipping reaches the port of destination. Upon unloading the vessel, we will rewrap and relabel your goods according to the FBA requirements. To use this service, tick the Amazon FBA button when requesting your quote.

What are Amazon’s labelling requirements?

Amazon only accepts correctly labelled goods. That is why you are being supplied with designated labels. In your seller profile, you can let Amazon know how many cartons and pallets you deliver and in exchange, you will be given the respective number of labels. Those must be properly attached to each carton and pallets after they have been foiled. More information can be found in your Amazon seller profile.

Why is it recommendable to use the FBA process offered by FreightHub?

Amazon only accepts shipments that suit certain delivery standards. These include size, labelling, delivery times, etc. We highly recommend you to use the FBA services offered by FreightHub to avoid that goods are rejected by Amazon upon delivery due to the fulfillment of the delivery standards required.

What is included in the FreightHub FBA process?

After the arrival of the freight in the country of destination, we will make sure that your shipment is fulfilling the delivery requirements of Amazon. That includes:

  1. Repacking on EPAL-certified Euro pallets
  2. Rewrapping in transparent plastic film
  3. Labelling according to Amazon standards (according to design sent to you before by Amazon)
  4. Booking of a delivery time slot

What is FBA?

In 2006, Amazon launched its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service which enables sellers to store their products directly in 1 out 100 fulfilment centers worldwide. In those centers, products can be packed, and directly sent to the end customer. Sellers only need to send their freight to Amazon, and Amazon will take care of storage and distribution.