Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions you might have about our product and services

Why FreightHub?

FreightHub offers you the unique service of booking your shipments online and monitor them from the first minute on with a full price transparency. You immediately receive several quotations and can then choose the perfect option for you (fastest route/lowest price/most reliable carrier). After submitting your data, our customer service team takes care of your shipment and your individual wishes.

Does FreightHub provide Insurance?

All of our business is transacted exclusively on the basis of the German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions (ADSp). Under Clause 23 ADSp, liability for damage/loss to goods according to § 431 HGB (German Commercial Code) is limited to
– 5 EUR/kg whilst in the custody of the freight forwarder
– 2 SDR/kg (Special Drawing Rights) for multimodal carriage incl. sea transport
– 1 million EUR or 2 SDR/kg per claim or
– 2 million EUR or 2 SDR/kg per event, irrespective of the number of claims per event, in each case whichever is higher.

A cargo insurance beyond the liability limits can be easily concluded via our trusted partner Allianz within the online booking process on the FreightHub platform.

Do I need to fulfill customs on my own?

All goods entering the European Union need to be declared for the customs. If you do not fulfill your customs clearance on your own or by an external agent, FreightHub will take care of it. In order to do so, we do need your EORI number. But don´t worry, our operations team will contact you and walk you through the process.

What is a deferment account?

When delivering goods within the European Union, customs and import charges have to be paid immediately, otherwise the import of the goods will be delayed by customs until the charges have been paid.

A deferment account simplifies the payment of import duties and taxes for the importing company. Duties and taxes, which are charged when foreign goods are entering the European Union, will be collected on the deferment account and withdrawn on a monthly basis.

If you don’t have your own deferment account, we recommend to apply for one at the customs. In the meantime, FreightHub offers the possibility to transact the import charges via our deferment account up to a certain amount.

What is an EORI number and why do I need one?

EORI number stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number and helps to identify individual economic operators within the European Union. Economic Operators are any natural or legal person (e.g. limited companies or publicly limited companies) or legally responsibly bodies of persons (e.g. GbR, OHG, limited partnership). That means everyone who imports into the EU or exports from the EU needs an EORI number.

What are HS Codes?

HS stands for „Harmonized System“, which is an international unified system of names and numbers to classify different goods. Every single good has a HS Code which enables global identification. Customs use HS codes to calculate the different import duties and fees for each good being imported.

Does Freighthub pass my customer data to third parties?

Relevant data and documents that are connected to bookings are transferred to the responsible process participants (shipping lines, freight forwarder, etc). Your customer data is treated confidentially and will not be passed to third parties.

How safe is my data with Freighthub?

Your data are transmitted to FreightHub and saved in an encrypted format, therefore, your data are always protected from strangers, even in the case of an invasion or a leakage.

Who is my contract partner in case of shipping problems? Freighthub or the shipping line?

FreightHub is your only contract partner and therefore your contact for any questions or problems. You do not need to converse with a number of various parties but can enjoy the advantage of completing the entire transaction with a single partner.

Does Freighthub take care of the communication with the shipping line/freight forwarder/customs authority in case of problems?

Yes, FreightHub should be your only contact during the entire process. We coordinate the necessary steps with the shipping line, freight forwarder, customs, and authorities to make sure that you receive the freight on time.

How can I reach Freighthub in the case of an emergency?

You can conveniently use the chat on our website, call us via phone “+49/30 364 285 070”  or contact us via mail “” at any time. We will make sure to process your requests as soon as possible.

How can I track my shipments?

Thanks to our Track & Trace technology, you can view the current location of your cargo at any time or place across the globe. Just log in and click the “Track & Trace” button on the sidebar to the left side of the screen. 

Can I book all my shipments independently with Freighthub?

Absolutely! You just have to note the amount of goods and where you would like them to be sent. FreightHub takes care of the rest.

Which transport modes does FreightHub currently offer?

FreightHub offers sea- & airfreight. Currently, you can book FCL & LCL shipments on our platform. For airfreight, please send us an email ( and we will facilitate the order for you. Airfreight will be online soon.

Does Freighthub organize pre- and post-carriage as well?

Yes! Currently, FreightHub offers both pre- and post-carriage, however, such services can only be ensured for certain countries. Please contact us ( for more information.

When using FreightHub, can I choose with which shipping line I want to ship my goods?

Yes! On our Offers page you can conveniently choose a shipping line that you would like to use.

In which countries, cities, and ports does FreightHub currently import/export goods?

Currently, we are focusing on the Asia–Europe Tradelane. Other countries, cities, and ports can be requested with our customer service team at any time. You will quickly receive a response with a quotation.

How much does Freighthub cost?

FreightHub shows you the individual costs that make up the total shipment cost in order to help you better understand our price in a completely transparent manner.

What makes Freighthub different from traditional freight forwarders, such as DHL or DB Schenker?

While traditional freight forwarders can take several hours or even days to provide you with an offer, FreightHub is able to offer a direct quotation for several different transportation options within seconds.