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09 May

The Sustainable Ocean Freight Market

Ocean freight shipping makes up 2.4% of global CO2 emissions Shippers looking towards carriers to provide sustainable methods of transport Carries are offering more sustainable solutions such as fuel efficient projects, biocide-free marine coatings and wind propulsion technology According to the UN’s International Maritime Organization,...

First FreightHub branch to open in Hamburg in May-2
02 May

First FreightHub Branch to Open in Hamburg in May

One year in the market – Europe‘s first fully digital freight forwarder grows by over 50 percent per month All freight modes between Europe and Asia available for digital booking New cooperation partners in China and India 250 customers use FreightHub in the first year FreightHub,...

30 Mar

Digitizing Freight Forwarding Piece by Piece

The global freight forwarding market is highly fragmented and one that is fraught with many inefficiencies. As a result, the market has witnessed the rise of online freight marketplaces, numerous software solutions and a variety of startups. However, for many of these options, only selected...

28 Mar

Freight Rails Are Steaming from Asia to Europe

Growing interest in rail as a viable alternate mode of cargo transportation from Asia to Europe More freight forwarders are offering Asia to Europe rail solutions Could a shift in market share from ocean to rail occur? The One Belt, One Road Initiative, also known...

When only a few dollars separates freight rates, customer service can be the differentiator-2
23 Mar

Customer Service as a Differentiator

When only a few dollars separates freight rates, customer service can be the differentiator What exactly is a ‘good’ customer experience? People do not buy products but benefits The global industries of shipping, freight and logistics are very dynamic with new changes and technologies being...