After shipping

1. What happens if my goods or packaging have been damaged during shipping?

In such cases, please contact your personal logistics manager. He can initiate the necessary steps to obtain compensation for you. The amount of compensation depends upon whether an additional transport insurance was completed prior to shipping. According to ADSp 2016 (German Freight Forwarders’ Standard Terms and Conditions), all consignments are automatically insured.

2. How is it possible that I get an invoice with additional charges after my shipment has been completed?

In case the conditions originally agreed upon regarding the shipment of your goods have been changed or modified as compared to the initial booking, these additional charges will be forwarded to you. Since these costs often incur weeks after a successful delivery, we cannot predict them in our original offer. Examples include modification of the […]

3. To what bank account do I have to transfer the invoice regarding customs and EUSt?

After successful customs clearance, you will be issued a tax assessment. You can access this tax assessment through our platform in the “Documents” section. Within a few days, the invoice issued by us regarding customs and EUSt will be trasnferred to you. On this bill, you will find the amount to be paid and the […]