“We love that our entire team has a precise overview of all shipments - 24/7. This leads to increased efficiency and improved inventory management.”
Kirstin Huettner Tong VP Supplier Management, Home24

Home24 is Europe’s largest online furniture store. Founded in 2009, Home24 achieved net sales of EUR 243.8 million in 2016. With over 100,000 products from more than 800 manufacturers, Home24 offers its customers a unique selection of furniture, lamps and home accessories. A global supplier structure and Home24’s own logistics locations enable customers to receive products within just a few days. In addition to the core online focus, Home24 has seven local showrooms in Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Düsseldorf.


As a fast-growing company, Home24 was dealing with an increasingly complex supply chain. Sourcing from multiple Asian suppliers led to increasing transport times, which challenged the inventory management. Being a tech-first company, Home24 was looking for a digital partner that could cope with its fast decision-making processes and its overall growth.


With FreightHub as a logistics partner, Home24 was able to focus on its core business. Getting the Home24 team members to use and work with FreightHub’s platform on a daily basis was easy thanks to the platform’s intuitive design.

One much appreciated feature that the team has used most is the ability to have all communication and documentation in one shared workplace. No matter who started a shipment, everyone can just “jump in” and find everything they need to complete the shipment within seconds. Even inquiries from customs or other authorities are no longer disturbing since each document is filed online and can easily be found.

Besides the tech-first approach and the online platform, Home24 also really appreciates its assigned FreightHub Logistics Manager Tilman and his team. As a result of proactive communication, many problems could be avoided and solved without any major negative consequences.


Overall, working with FreightHub as a freight forwarder had a major positive impact on Home24’s supply chain management. FreightHub provides full transparency regarding the status of all shipments and has made it easy to manage all documents online. Fast and digital processes have helped the team spend less time searching for information and enabled them to handle more shipments with fewer delays without increasing the headcount.


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