Customer Stories

Meet our successful customers


Kirstin Huettner Tong, VP Supplier Management

Home24 is Europe’s largest online furniture store. Founded in 2009, Home24 achieved net sales of EUR 243.8 million in 2016. With over 100,000 products from more than 800 manufacturers, Home24 offers its customers a unique selection of furniture, lamps, and home accessories. A worldwide supplier structure and its own logistics locations enable customers to receive products within a few days. In addition to the core online focus, Home24 has seven local showrooms in Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich and Dusseldorf.


  • Sourcing in Asia increases transport times within the supply chain
  • Fixed delivery times are key to keep goods available
  • Continuous inventory optimization to prevent excessive inventory quantities
Shipment information updated in Rreal-time allow better planning and optimisation of stocks.


  • Simple handling of all documents on FreightHub’s platform
  • Every logistics employee can use the platform and work on it
  • Proactive cooperation between Home24 and the respective FreightHub Logistics Manager


  • Simplified transport handling process
  • Increased transparency through online document management
  • Overview of all shipments at any time due to shipment tracking

Westwing Home & Living

Sebastian Säuberlich, Managing Director, Germany, Westwing Home & Living

Westwing is a leading provider of home & living in eCommerce. In addition to daily sales promotions with home accessories and furniture at prices up to 70% less than the manufacturer UVPs, since 2015 there is also WestwingNow, an online furnishing house with a fixed assortment and fast delivery as a supplement to the shopping club. Westwing was founded in 2011 by Delia Fischer, Georg Biersack, Matthias Siepe, Stefan Smalla and Tim Schäfer and is currently active in 14 countries.


  • Reduction of the administrative effort for sea freight import logistics, in particular reduction of the manual effort for tracking shipments
  • Increased transparency in terms of delivery times, especially with regard to availability in the warehouse


  • On-schedule booking by FreightHub in close coordination with our suppliers
  • Tracking of all sea freight containers in real time via the FreightHub Dashboard
  • Personal contact person at FreightHub, who will inform you about the status of the shipment and proactively regulate “exceptions” if necessary


  • Detailed overview of when the goods arrive where improves the planning of our campaign
  • Shorter throughput times and reduced costs
Smooth handling in Asia and face-to-face contact make the process easier and eliminate unnecessary grinding.


Matthias Wilrich, Co-Founder & COO Lesara

Lesara is an international online store for trendy fashion and lifestyle products at competitive prices. The company was founded in Berlin in 2013 by Roman Kirsch, Matthias Wilrich and Robin Müller. It aims to offer trend-conscious customers all their favourite products and to make exclusive fashion and lifestyle trends affordable and immediately available to everyone. Direct cooperations with manufacturers and suppliers make it possible for Lesara to secure low prices on the latest quality brand products without 12-month planning cycles. Through real time analysis the company is able to make products in high demand available online within days.

Fast fashion on the next level: Lesara is a German pioneer in agile retail and the on-demand production of fashion and lifestyle items.

Thanks to real-time analysis, Lesara can make new products straight from the factory available within days.
FreightHub supports Lesara through quick coordination and by providing the flexibility to book shipments on short notice.

Lesara’s journey with FreightHub 

„At Lesara we are well connected and continuously looking for more efficient technologies and solutions to optimize our business processes even further. FreightHub has convinced us as an interesting logistics partner, having digitalized processes and massively simplified our handling.

We highly value the fast coordination and flat hierarchies at FreightHub, the possibility to schedule shipments on a short notice as well as the competitive rates. FreightHub and Lesara have very similar values when it comes to overcoming potential barriers and growing the business.”


Felix Jonathan Mauerer, VP Service Experience & Operations

Electric mobility, mobility-as-a-service, and autonomous driving: unu combines innovative technology with stylish aesthetics and urban flair. Their first product is an electric scooter with portable battery, launched to market in 2014, and makes it possible for city dwellers to be part of this innovation. The unu founders Elias Atahi (CXO), Pascal Blum (CEO) and Mathieu Caudal suddenly make electric mobility affordable. The unu Scooter is a smart and innovative electric scooter.

The company unu renounces distributors, the scooters can be ordered exclusively via online shop. The finished vehicle is delivered to the customer by DHL – including a license plate if desired – to the customer’s home.


  • High complexity in the supply chain due to global global sea and rail transports
  • Imports of goods are tied to demand and therefore require a high reaction speed
  • Cost planning and comparability for the entire transport process
  • Efficient use of digitalisation in logistics


  • Fast and efficient freight quotas thanks to the FreightHub-Platform
  • Proactive notifications increase transparency and communication
  • Flexibility: Easy selection of mode of transport, port of discharge, customs clearance and onward carriage depending on current requirements
  • Real-time shipment tracking for combined shipments


  • Customer satisfaction through predictable product availability
  • Transparency and planning of time and costs – from supplier to end customer
  • Short reaction times enable a flexible and agile supply chain
Transparency and predictability of time and costs - from supplier to end customer


Franziskus Bagusat Commercial Manager & Transport & Logistics Director, Chromiumtrade SA

Our family-owned company began in the 1940s as the exclusive distributor of Chilean copper to the Italian market. Over the last seventy years our product line has expanded to include FerroChrome, Pig Iron and Steel related products in various countries.

Important agencies have been signed by our company, including exclusive distribution agreements with Kennekott (today RioTinto), ASARCO, Queensland Nickel, ISCOR (today ArcelorMittal), Middelburg Steel and Alloys (today Acerinox), Mineral Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (today ZIMASCO), Taigang Stainless Steel Co. TISCO, amongst others.
Through our sales representatives in Germany, Italy, France, the UK and China, we collaborate with raw material and processing companies in the mineral and metal markets to commercialize its products in key areas across the globe.


  • Reliability
  • Close relationships to the shipping lines
  • „Live“ – tracking
  • Cost efficiency
Track my cargo easily on one Website from source to final destination.


  • Container shipments ex. Asia to rest of the world as well as ex. Middle East to EU
  • Handling of Material in EU Ports
  • Delivery of Material to final customer by truck, train and barge


  • Track my cargo easily on one Website from source to final destination.
  • Actual rates available immediately in front of me and nicely outlined in a matrix.

Ivy & Oak

Christopher Deckert, Managing Director Ivy & Oak

IVY & OAK is an aspiring fashion brand from Berlin. Designed for confident women with a natural yet feminine style and an active lifestyle. The brand’s mission is to promote more conscious and sustainable consumption patterns, a philosophy that FreightHub strongly supports. IVY & OAK proofs that great quality doesn’t have to be expensive. By eliminating unnecessary intermediaries from their distribution chain, the brand is able to offer high quality products with reasonable prices.

For IVY & OAK, working with FreightHub was not just an obvious step because of the offices’ close proximity, but also because of a very similar work ethos and good references.


  • Fast paced environment requires straight forward communication, quick coordination routes and an easy onboarding process
  • Aim to maximise selling window with flexible pick up dates and shorter transit times


  • Transparent comparison between air freight quotes and options in real-time on the FreightHub platform
  • Significantly faster processes compared to other freight forwarders thanks to the fast and proactive Operations team


  • Short reaction time allows flexible cooperation with suppliers
  • Pick up dates can be pushed forward allowing stock to arrive and be available faster
  • Possibility to receive goods earlier in order to maximize our Sales Periods
You are quick thinking and likeminded when it comes to work ethos and speedy decision-making


Felix Petzel, Managing Director CNOC

The Brand CNOC, founded in 2014, specialises in creating durable,high-performance and sustainable outdoor products for hikers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts.Providing the user with freedom, protection and comfort all CNOC equipment is designed to last and to be repared rather than replaced.
In terms of distribution the company counts on the Amazon FBA program and, from the moment the goods are delivered to the Amazon warehouse, leaves the fulfillment of orders to the online retailer.


  • No reliable partner with a systematic solution for the fast growing company
  • Time consuming coordination of different partners
We came across FreightHub looking for a reliable partner in logistics who could provide us with a systematic solution for our fast growing company. Price, service and performance ultimately convinced us.


  • Whole supply chain fulfilled by FreightHub in 2017
  • Completely web-based solution


  • Entire order and re-order process from quotation to tracking and customs clearence in one place
  • Vast savings in time and efficiency
  • Convinced of price, service and the operations team’s performance


Marc Buchna, FOND OF BAGS

FOND OF BAGS is the quality label for bag-loving people of any age. Now 7 different brands come under the FOND OF BAGS name. We love bags. From baby to business.

The brands Affenzahn, ergobag, satch, Aevor, pinqponq, Salzen and Klatta by Offermann all show excellent credentials in terms of quality, responsible manufacturing, functionality and design. The Cologne-based company is winner of the Deutsche Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2016, Europe’s most prestigious award in the field of sustainable development, as well as the German CSR-Preis 2017 (in the category Supply Chain).


  • Keeping track of an increasingly complex global supply chain with multiple and simultaneous shipments and documents
  • Transparency regarding costs and delivery status
  • Timely delivery


  • Implementation of FreightHub as a platform



  • Real time tracking for Inbound Shipments
  • Transparency concerning all costs
  • Dashboard with all relevant information available at all times
  • Document management
The dashboard allows me to access all relevant information regarding my shipment at any time.
I can get quotes, track my shipment and archive all documents in one place.


Sven Hoffmann, Gründer bonvelo

bonvelo was founded in 2015 as a cycling brand for single-speed bikes exclusively available online. While design and component selection takes place in Hamburg, the production and high-quality powder coating of the frames take place in Asia according to strict specifications. The assembled bikes are then shipped back to Hamburg. Each bike is carefully checked and adjusted by bonvelo before being delivered by UPS to customers all across Europe. In 2016 bonvelo had a total of five import deliveries and plans are to double this number in 2017.


  • Cooperation with freight forwarders is lengthy, error-prone and overall painstaking
  • Time-consuming coordination between producer, forwarder and local agents
  • Potential to optimize value chain is unclear
  • Price fluctuations due to seasonality etc. carry severe consequences for product cost calculations, since bonvelo can only ship a maximum of 350 bikes per container; this can make a big difference per item
As the quantity of bikes per container is relatively low, fluctuations of container pricing have severe consequences for bonvelo’s product cost calculation. With transparent and pro-active communication, FreightHub makes planning easier.


  • All imports from Asia done via FreightHub’s platform
  • Integration into the company’s SCM system
  • Though they can’t change the price fluctuation, FreightHub pro-actively communicates seasonal surcharges



  • Logistics require significantly less administrative work and involvement
  • Daily tracking allows for reliable planning of product availability