CO2 Offsetting

In cooperation with “myclimate – The Climate Protection Partnership“, we fight for preserving our nature.

Organizing our offices in an enviroment-friendly way, we aim to reduce our carbon dioxide impact and ensure climate neutrality.

FreightHub’s carbon footprint has been calculated based on all our internal processes. From that, an annual compensation has been determined, which will be donated to a climate protection program in Nicaragua. Our team will now support community reforestation in order to reforest underutilized portions of land.


We hope to create solidarity among communities, provide opportunities for families to earn extra income and create environmental awareness among subsistence farmers.


Elsa Gonzales, Head Community Technician and Office Manager, Taking Root Nicaragua

In this community-based reforestation initiative in the Platanares watershed in the municipality of San Juan de Limay, Nicaragua, smallholder farming families are collaborating to reforest underutilized portions of their land. Thanks to better land-use management and a more sustainable use of forest resources, the forest cover of the nearby watershed will be increased; at the same time, the quality of life of Limay residents will be improved.

  • 409 smallholder families from 68 participating communities have reforested an area of 1,500 ha, which equals 2,100 soccer fields.
  • These families have planted 2 million trees.
  • 2,645 jobs
  • USD 860,000 community payments made to date, which equals 650 local annual salaries
  • An additional USD 730,000 will be distributed among the same farmers for taking care of the trees over the next few years.
  • 346,000 t CO2 issued, which equals annual emissions from more than 90,000 cars