Amazon FBA


With “Fulfillment by Amazon”, better known as Amazon FBA, the marketplace allows you to sell your own label products via its platform and let Amazon store your products in their fulfillment centers, where they pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for you.

FreightHub takes care of the transportation of your goods from the factory to the Amazon warehouse – including all documentation as well as customs clearance. We make sure that your shipment is packed, palletized and labeled according to Amazon’s standards.

You will receive updates on your shipments’ progress and your dedicated, experienced Operations Manager will pro-actively handle any issues that might occur.

Our Services at a Glance

FreightHub’s Amazon FBA service includes:

  • Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Sea, air and rail freight as well as multimodal solutions
  • Preparation of the shipment according to Amazons standards (packing, paletizing, labeling and delivery to Amazon warehouse)
  • Dashboard for all Shipments and Documents
  • Comparable online quotes in real time
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Cargo insurance

General Shipping Information

Please make sure: Please keep in mind:
  • To be aligned with your shipper on the cargo ready date
  • to clarify INCOTERMs with your shipper
  • to clarify your shipper's contact person and contact details
  • to book around 10 days in advance
  • that your shipper needs to have all required documents for exporting goods from the respective country
  • that the vessel can be delayed due to weather conditions
  • that the sailing can be cancelled or changed by a carrier (e.g. low capacity)
  • that your desired sailing might be overbooked in edge cases and peak seasons
Main Run
  • that the ship might slow down due to weather conditions, port congestions. walkouts, etc. (Force Majeure)
  • that the carrier might change routing or the vessel
  • that your container is not loaded in specific cases (e.g. dangerous goods)
  • that your container might be offloaded at a transshipment port
  • to provide all official and correctly compiled documents for customs clearance before ETA (e.g. PL, CI, POA)
  • to prevent incorrect HS codes that result in rejection by authorities
  • that your goods can be inspected by customs authorities (scan/physical)
  • that customs and tariffs are levied by authorities
  • that during your sailing, custom tariffs might change or goods might be rejected to be imported (very rare)
  • to provide official and correctly compiled documents and information for delivery before ETA (e.g. Bill of Lading, difficult access to warehouse)
  • the correct delivery address is provided
  • the delivery truck has easy access to your desired delivery address (ramp, turning point)
  • that the delivery truck can be stuck in traffic
  • that the train/bridge ship can be delayed for delivery
  • that unloading time for each container is limited to 2 hours

The above mentioned might result in delays and / or additional costs.

Generally FreightHub tries to provide you with the highest quality & flexibility in our service. However, please keep the following general remarks in mind:

  • Please make sure to send documents on time
  • Please make sure  that the shipper packs your goods sufficiently for and oversea transport
  • We highly recommend to take out and additional transport insurance. Our service includes insurance according to ADSP
  • Please make sure to pay on time if your payments terms are pre-payment
  • Major changes or your booking might cause costs / delays